Tuesday, October 04, 2005


These feet are the topic for our next poll. You will agree with me when I say they would have to be the ugliest I have seen for sometime. Not only are they ugly but six toes?You can have your say on who you think might belong to the mutated feet, you will find the poll on page two. Have fun - that's what it's all about

.Samantha xx


A few hours ago I visited room three ? and what an experience that was. I had the misfortune to wander in during the lets play Doctor hour. The stars of this particular segment where greensmilingeyes and seraphim Chad. Yes folks a pair of brain dead moronic idiots in the making. Both think they know more about aliments and how to treat them, then trained professional. Both agree with each other - that before taking any medication that a doctor may give, that you should try other alternatives first. The alternatives include diet, accupunture, just to name a few of the recommendation serphim Chad and greensmilng eyes suggested. When did these two idiots become qualified to give medical advise? Between the two of them, both would only come up with a half the brain of a slug. The other half would belong to the fools who agree with them. People should always seek proper medical advise regarding ANY health issue. Catholic Chat rooms love to give unsolicited advise from what medication you should be taking to the latestest in surgical procedures.

Samantha xx


Not sure whos baby photo this belongs to - if you have any idea let me know, thanks guysSamantha xx


Kris..Don't play with guns unless you know where your target is. You have know clue as to who I am , and never have. I don't know who is the admin people of all the other blogs, And I would only be guessing like everyone else.But what I do know is the shit you get from them is well deserved, you set the agenda by acting like a skank, now you bitch and moan . So back off with all the shit about the blogs, leave the rooms of Catholic chat, you have no idea about catholic views on life. My advice is learn the rules before you play the game :)) :))

Past comments from Dangergirl to this blog have included self righteous bullshit like below

April 23
Something to THINK (Notice the word is THINK not "thing") about. From our LORD not from a halmark card. Then again what would you four know of God - obviously by this blog not much. God said

Samantha xx